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Energy Efficiency: Keep the Heat from Escaping this Winter

The wind is really blowing today!  A little chill in the air is what we expect as we roll

Out my Window

through October hoping for those last summer-like days but a good reminder that winter is coming.  With those winter months the wind blows a lot colder than it is today and with that the outside tries to steal warmth through our windows.  Aside from boarding up those beautiful windows that provide you a view of the garden you work so hard on all summer long, the kids playing in the sand box, or miles down your country road there are ways to protect your home from the heat escaping blues. 


Shades that offer layers of protection, like double cellular shades or lined roman shades, offer more insulation and an air barrier to help reduce heat loss.  Comfortex and Kirsch both have a great cellular shade with both single and double cell available in many colors for your room.  If you prefer something a little more decorative -than functional- a Horizons Roman Shade will do the job for you installed as close to the glass as possible a roman shade with added liners will also provide a more insulating window.

Draperies also have a great value to insulating a room installed close to the wall, or glass, going to the floor, or window sill, will create an air barrier keeping the cold out.  Layering draperies is the best way to keep the cold out, whether we install a romanshadewithswagbeautiful sheer under a lined antique satin drapery and top them with a board mounted swag and jabot, or we hang a lined woven wood shade at the window close to the glass, with a lined striped silk fabric topped with a wood cornice we can trap the air in and keep your room beautiful and functional year round not losing the most valuable part of your room, the view.

 Using what you have, be sure to close your blinds and shades or draperies as much as possible creating an air barrier stalling the cool air from coming in.

More information about window energy efficiency can be found at

If anyone knows a trick to keeping the smell of “fresh fall spreading” please let me know the like I said the wind is blowing strong today!

I make windows beautiful!

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October is Window Covering Safety Month

When it comes to cord safety I tend to be a stickler- I will untangle a cord if I see one that needs it anywhere!  Some people don’t realize how dangerous tied up blind strings or an unmounted cord loop can be, kids are curious and active.  From the CPSC in the US between 1996 and 2012 there were 184 deaths and 101 non-fatal incidents; children can lose consciousness in seconds. One more death is too many!  I watched, well I tried to, a clip from ABC News earlier this year it truly was one of the scariest things I have seen– a child hanging along the window kicking as the mother screamed, I believe the child was ok but that should not happen in another home again.

What can you do?

Changing your window treatments to cordless is the safest way to take care of the certified_label__2_-300x198problem, at Korner Window I have several brands and products that are certified ‘Best for Kids’, however I am aware it is not always possible to make this immediate upgrade. If you are not ready to have Korner Window come to your home measure your windows, help you select the right product for your home, and install your new shades I hope you will take a look at your existing window coverings and make these small adjustments.

Blinds and shades with a hanging cord (or cord lock)

  • Cords should have no knots in them
  • Cord/tassel should be kept as short as possible- (Before making any cuts be sure to operate your shade all the way open and shut before and don’t forget you have to be able to reach it.)
  • Cord should then be attached to the wall on a cord cleat keeping them out of reach of children and pets.

Shades and drapes with a cord loop

  • Loops should be mounted to the wall leaving little slack in the chain or cord

window_child-789459_172x172Please call or email me with any concerns you have in making your current products safer for your home.  I have cord cleats and cord tensioners on hand as well!

For current information about cord safety visit

Visit or my showroom in Kings Hometown Furniture and Floorcovering, downtown Ackley to visit with me about Best for Kids options.

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Everyone needs a little help!

Selecting window treatments is complicated, the options can be overwhelming, the various features confusing. But with a little help from Korner Window, choosing window blinds and shades are often the finishing touch to making a house your home.  Windows are the eyes of a home. They are a subtle, but essential part of decorating. With the right combination of function and style, window treatments can transform any room into a stunning work of art.

2014-11-08-10-35-37Here are a few helpful tips for choosing a set of beautiful window blinds and shades:


Seems basic enough, the buying process becomes much simpler once you decide which room (or rooms) we are finishing. Each room in your house has its own personality and purpose, so choose your window treatments accordingly. For example, if you are looking to buy shades for your kitchen, try sheer shades or light-filtering shades to let more light in. On the other hand, if you are decorating your bedroom, room darkening shades are the best way to provide privacy and less light filtration.  Korner Window has a large offering for making a room pop.  For instance your living room may look great with a colorful shade and eye catching draperies.

Window blinds and shades are generally broken down into four different features: privacy, light control, energy efficiency, and fashion. While most people would ideally like to find a window shade that offers all of these features, sometimes you have to make tough choices and decide which aspects you value most. Again, these decisions are often contingent on the room you are decorating. A variety of control options are also available to operate the shade and will be part of the final decision. I am here to help you review all of the options available for your shade and help make the decision easier.


Most window coverings professionals recommend tailoring your window fashions to the members of your household. I always recommend that if you have young children, or pets, in the house, purchase cordless blinds or shades for the utmost safety. Or, if you have tall, difficult to reach windows, you might want to consider adding motorization for easy and stress free operation.  Korner Window is here to help you be aware of the options and help to select the right ones.


Measuring properly is a key to having properly fitting custom window treatments.  Korner Window’s free in home consultation takes care of the worry for you.  While I am in your home helping you select your blinds, shades, or draperies I measure you windows for the products you are interested in for a proper fit.



Don’t let decorating be too difficult. It’s supposed to be fun. Choosing window shades is a small way of expressing yourself!  I listen to all your wants and needs when helping find the right product to lessen the stress of selection away.  With included installation we should concentrate on making your house a home!

Korner Window can help choose the right product for your room!


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Roman Shades: Unique for Every Project

Roman Shades can be so many different things

They can keep a room feeling light and airy with a functional finishing touch or distinctly designed as a layering shade in any room.

Roman shades have many styles, operating systems, and price ranges.

A flat roman will provide a clean and simple look at a reasonable price point with either ribbed or not ribbed folds.  I love a flat roman because of its smaller stack and its ability to quietly compliment a room focusing on the other details in a room

A hobbled shade is great for a soft and fuller look when the shade is lowered.  With the endless fabric choices available a hobbled shade can be a, or part of, focal point of the room.

A relaxed shade when lowered will appear like a flat roman shade however when it is raised it is very unstructured and sort of smiles at you.  I love that we used this roman shade above in the kitchen to compliment the family room window yet add a bit of whimsy with the smaller pattern.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Balloon and Austrian Shades are much fuller roman shades often frillier as well

Cordless one option on roman shades make them appear very clean and simple without the added cord lock also makes them a ‘Best for Kids’ product.  Motorized is another option that is very convenient for hard to reach windows or integrating with home technology.

Top down bottom up is also a favorite feature the ability to have view from the top of a window without losing your privacy is highly valued in many rooms!

For more about Roman Shades stop in, call, or message and we can visit about my offerings from Horizons, Alta, or Persona!

Korner Window is located in Kings Hometown, downtown Ackley.  I offer in home consultations, measure, and installation.

I make windows Beautiful!


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Wood Blinds- Spring Clean Up

Wood blinds are one of the most popular and longest lasting hard window treatment on the market. They have been a staple in design forever! However from my prospective people think they are difficult to clean!?!?

I try to tell them other wise! With the run of the feather duster over them every couple of weeks they take care of them selves for the most part. For mine I just close them up and take the duster or vacuum attachment and then close them down and do the same.

Sure every year or two they might start to look like they need a little more cleaning. I have heard of people going at them with pledge or lemon oil in my opinion that is a good idea. If they are REAL wood blinds I would never actually dunk them in water ( or using a lot of water) I would only spot clean with water on wood blinds and only as needed!

For faux wood blinds I would dust the same however no need to use pledge or lemon oil after all they are faux which means they are made out of a PVC or PVC composite. So you can also be a little more generous with the water on them. Be careful to use a mild detergent and make sure it gets rinsed well out of the cords as you don’t want them to discolor!Graber 2" Faux Wood blinds

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Spring Clean Up!

I have been getting a lot of questions about the best way to clean your window treatments.  With many different kinds of products there are many answers

For a Drapery and valance treatment:

I always recommend dry cleaning for pinch pleated draperies and sheers in between dry cleaning I would take a vacuum attachment over them to keep the dust and everyday grime from them.

For a rod mounted valance I would suggest the same

However for a board mounted valance like shown it is best to just vacuum with the attachment. I do not suggest removing the valance from the board as it is very difficult to get it mounted back on properly.

And don’t forget the rods!  When the drapes are at the cleaners take the time to wipe down your rods to keep the dust off and make sure they are working properly, because a broken rod means a useless drapery!

Next week- Wood blinds

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WOW! your Dining room and Simple Shades!

A simple shade is beautiful and simple way to protect your home however have little to WOW your area a simple beautiful valance over the shades can really make a simple room say WOW like this valance did for the simple dining room filled with beautiful wood floor, pillars, and window bench. With many fabrics available you can add a splash of color or keep it neutral with an embroidered silk.  Solar shades are beautiful in themselves allowing you to keep your view and cut back on the heat of the sun or cold air in the winter.

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Making Window Treatments Fashionable Again

For the past few years the most popular styles of window treatments have been the much loved cellular shades, faux wood, and wood blinds. They are easy to take care of, easy to use, and clean looking and at the same time kind of boring.

Roller shades have more interesting fabrics and valance options along with beaded trim and fringes.

Roman shades have so many styles that are soft or straight or hobbled still very energy efficient with beautiful fabrics and fringe or trim options.

Top treatments or valances are a great way to bring beauty to a room and bring focus to the window that should be your focal point and eyes to the world. With so many styles and fabrics available there is something for everyone and every room.

Thank you for checking out my first blog I hope to bring a bit more insight to interior decorating and window treatments to you each week. To start I will focus closer on the fabrics and looks making fashionable window treatments